Pro-Life Primer, 2-CD Set


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Gregory Koukl — 2 Audio CDs

Equip yourself to defend the sanctity of human life with this pairing of two powerful, yet accessible pro-life presentations:

The Death of Humanness – We are now in the midst of a quiet revolution of ideas that is changing the way we think about the value of being human. It pervades our public dialogue and animates our current social acceptance of abortion, infanticide, “death with dignity,” and doctor-assisted suicide. This CD exposes the ideological battle and gives concrete suggestions on how to reverse the trend.

Precious Unborn Human Persons – Is it possible that a baby the size of a pinhead is really a complete human being? We think so, and this presentation will show you why. Greg’s approach is straight-forward, uncomplicated, and fair. It is an easy-to-follow, careful, well-reasoned discussion about what it means to be human, and why even the smallest human beings are valuable

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