Should We Starve Grandpa? (DVD)


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Our modern culture of death is training the present generation to look at the elderly as unwanted and disposable. And as those in their twilight years increase in staggering numbers over the next decade compared to the shrinking workforce that follows behind them, this refrain will inevitably arise: “You’ve had your day, and your life is no longer worth living.” How will the Church respond to these critical quality of life issues? What if doctors tell you that your aging loved one is in a permanent vegetative state and that it is merciful to withhold food and water from him? What is the definition of “brain death,” and is it biblical? When does a person actually die? Are organ donations appropriate and wise? Doug Phillips, Dr. Mo Gill, Dr. Ed Payne, Dan Becker, and Jay Valenti address these and other pivotal questions in this important symposium on the sanctity of life.

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