The Long War Against Babies (DVD)


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One of the oldest struggles in the history of the world has been the war against the womb and godly seed, spurred on by Satanic and man-centered idolatry. From the pagan god Molech on whose altar children were sacrificed in ancient times to Margaret Sanger’s vision in the twentieth century for creating the perfect race through mass contraception and abortion, the war against the sanctity of human life by the culture of death has waged on unabated. In this powerful message, Doug Phillips surveys the history of this struggle and demonstrates how today’s Church has fallen prey to the wiles of selfish idolatry. His prescription: God’s people must humbly repent of their sins, embrace children as a blessing, assent to God’s creation order and design, honor the unity of marriage, and trust in God’s sovereignty to open and close the womb.

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