Rachel Maddow’s Boringly Predictable Double Standards

Dear Ms. Maddow,


You recently remarked on Meet The Press that you don’t think Mr. Obama has done anything which fairly invites a comparison between his administration and National Socialism. I suppose if you reject the proposition that abortion is genocide, you have a point. But many millions of Americans accept that notion and they have every right to express that point of view, even if they do it rudely. Is our discourse becoming coarsened? Sure. But torturing babies to death is also pretty coarse.


Anyone who walks a video camera around a Netroots convention can film the occasional nut-job advocating war crimes trials for global warming deniers or kangaroo courts in which to prosecute the “treasonous” acts (a capital offense) of Bush and Cheney. Those are threats of violence of a different sort. I have seen the conservative crowds at town meetings and they are no more likely to shout down a congressman than pro-aborts are inclined to heckle a pro-life speaker (which I have observed first-hand, many, many times). At least conservatives aren’t beating people up like the violent, union thugs deployed to eject them. The left venerates disruptors when they are liberal and castigates them when they aren’t. But when the political deck is as heavily stacked as it is today against conservatives, they have to shout to be heard. And sometimes it takes a provocative sign to be the loudest voice in the room. You will be seeing a lot more of these in the months to come.




Gregg Cunningham

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