RE: Your Organization’s Tactics

Dear AP,

Thank you for taking the time to write, but with all due respect, you have no idea what you are talking about.  Please go to our website and read the many, many testimonials from people whose minds were changed by seeing the horror of abortion which churches have been covering-up for decades.  They are just the tip of the iceberg.  We have never, ever, received a note from someone who told us that they would have never gotten an abortion until they saw our photos.  No one has ever said that the sickening horror of the images convinced them to rush out and kill their baby.  But enormous numbers of women have told us that without our photos their baby would be dead.  Enormous numbers have told us that had they seen our photos before, instead of after they killed their baby, they wouldn’t have done it.

Would you dare tell Jews who show Holocaust imagery that they are showing disrespect for dead Jews?  That would be idiotic and insulting.  Shocking pictures are the best way to make the Holocaust real and dramatize the evil it represents.  The same is true with abortion.  If you think God would have us show respect for the dead at the expense of saving the lives of the living, you are very confused spiritually.

For the record, the pastor in front of whose church we are displaying abortion photos is not telling the truth about why we are there but the simple truth is that we are no longer going to give pastors a veto over the imperative of exposing abortion.  If he won’t show his congregation the truth, we will.  Babies are dying because he and countless other pastors are withholding the truth about abortion – the truth which can’t be told with words alone.  We have a First Amendment right to hold up these signs on any street corner in America.  We waited far too long to engage Christians on this issue.  No more.  We are going to pray alright:  But we are going to pray for you.  You say you oppose abortion.  What are you doing to stop it?  If little or nothing, I think I prefer our way to yours.

Lord bless,

Gregg Cunningham
The Center For Bio-Ethical Reform

From: AP
Sent: Sunday, July 19, 2009 10:06 PM
To: Gregg Cunningham
Subject: Your Organization’s Tactics

I have recently seen a Suburban being driven around Salem, Oregon, displaying graphic pictures of aborted fetuses.  I find it ironic that a group that purports to reverence human life would show such a lack of respect for the deceased.  I do not support abortion.  I believe a life is ended when an abortion is performed, and I believe the life that has been ended should be respected enough that the murdered child’s body is not displayed in such a disgusting fashion on the side of a vehicle or on picket signs.

If it is true that your group is picketing Salem Heights Church because the pastor refused to allow your group to make a presentation to the church, you should be ashamed of yourselves.  What a disrespectful way to make a point.  Attempting to hijack the pulpits of Salem to promote your disgustingly expressed, if well intentioned, agenda probably isn’t the best way to win the Christian community to your cause.  If I have been misinformed on the reason your protesters have camped out near the church for the past two Sundays, I apologize in advance.

Please prayerfully reconsider your literature and advertising.  While shock tactics are effective in getting people’s attention, they do not always have the desired effect.


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