Shouting Out The Ugly Truth

Today, at least three protestors disrupted the Sotomayor confirmation hearings by shouting out references to the invisible elephant in the hearing room:  Abortion.  I say bravo!  It is important that we remind the American people that Judge Sotomayor is a baby-killer.  Bellowing that fact is consistent with the tactics of the abolitionists who would follow bounty hunters (chasing fugitive slaves) into restaurants and loudly announce the presence of these slave catchers, urging the owners and patrons of the restaurant to have nothing to do with them.  I supported this disruptive tactic during Mr. Obama’s delivery of the commencement address at Notre Dame and I support it at the Sotomayor hearings.  It is civil disobedience of the most commendable sort.  Someone has to say it and if we wait for Lindsey Graham, Ms. Sotomayor may be allowed to get away with finessing the abortion elephant.  We can’t stop her but we can make certain that she and her fellow travelers feel the sting of public censure.

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how much longer will we remain silent?

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