Sonia Sotomayor And The End Of A Once Great Nation reported a story on July 3rd headlined “Republican:  Sotomayor had ties to extreme group” which described White House defiance of Republican demands for the release of documents related to Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor’s membership on the board of Puerto Rican advocacy group which is pro-abortion and lobbies for racial quotas in workplace hiring and promotions.  The article said “Democrats have more than enough votes in favor of President Barack Obama’s first high court nominee, and Republicans have shown little appetite for trying to block her.”  This is the judge who has said that Latina women make better jurists than white men.  This is the judge who says her life experiences influence which facts she considers and which she ignores.  This is the judge whose “firefighter,” appellate court decision was recently overturned when she insisted that any promotion test which wasn’t passed by enough black and Hispanic applicants should automatically be invalidated as racist, even without proof that it is.  Every test discriminates by separating the better qualified from those who are less so.  Tests are supposed to discriminate, but not on the basis of race.  Why isn’t there more public outrage over Ms. Sotomayor’s frontal assault on the Constitution and our whole system of governance?


A mass psychosis has gripped an incredibly high percentage of the electorate.  Michael Barone, in the July 1, 2009, reports that Yale law professor Emily Bazelon weighed in on the Sotomayor nomination by scoffing at any fire department promotion test that “rewarded memorization” and favored ‘fire buffs’ – guys who read fire suppression manuals on their down time.”  This revealing critique illustrates the destructive liberal insistence that education should be about political indoctrination and social engineering instead of facts and logic.


Liberals got control of education forty years ago and they have produced entire generations of students who have been taught to believe that there is nothing exceptional about America.  And students soak in this poison because they have no idea who we are, from where we have come, or how we got here.  Nor do they have any idea how to think analytically.  They have been taught that Columbus killed the Indians, The Founding Fathers enslaved the blacks and successive American presidents stole Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California from Mexico.  So of course they see nothing wrong with demanding reparations in the form of firefighters being promoted on the basis of skin color, instead of the mastery of fire fighting principles.  I wonder if Professor Bazelon would feel that way if her own house were on fire?


And now that Frank “the firefighter” Ricci has had the temerity to push back against Mr. Obama’s racist Supreme Court nominee, Obama-thugs like People for the American Way are trying to smear him (sending press releases referring to his “troubled and litigious work history”) in exactly the same way Obama-thugs tried to smear Joe “the plumber” Wurzelbacher for pushing back against Mr. Obama’s socialist economic policies.


Yet the wimps who should be fighting this lunacy have gone wildly wobbly., May 26, 2009, in a story headlined “Steele:  GOP must be careful on Sotomayor,” quotes Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele as warning Republicans that “You want to be careful,” in expressing opposition to Ms. Sotomayor’s confirmation.  “You don’t want to be perceived as a bully.”  The harshest language Mr. Steele could muster was to call her “an interesting pick” about whom “We do have some reservations ….”


That sort of round-heeled, Republican resistance has also emboldened liberals to demand an end to every other rule which gets in their way:  They insist that minority immigrants be granted driver’s licenses, schooling, employment, healthcare, welfare and even citizenship, whether they are here legally or not.  They demand that minority students be granted admission to undergraduate, graduate and professional schools, whether they can pass entrance exams or not.  They contend that minority mortgage applicants should be given loans, whether they can pay them back or not.  They argue that minority voters should be permitted to cast ballots, whether they can prove registration or not.  They command that minority babies be killed at taxpayer expense, whether taxpayers like it or not.  This is cynical.  It exploits minorities.  It shows disrespect for minorities.  It erodes self-respect among minorities.  It is destroying minority communities.  But it works.  It’s the way liberals have gotten elected for decades.


But with the election of our “historic” president and the total Democrat control of Congress, the Left is now totally out of control.  Every implausible, liberal, legislative fantasy ever dreamed of is now being fast-tracked into law.  A high percentage of the three-quarters-of-a-trillion dollars in “stimulus” dollars we have to print (borrow) has been stolen by corrupt congressmen as part of a “pork for votes” bribery scam.  Persistent prosperity will be taxed into permanent poverty to create “green jobs” which will use technology which doesn’t exist to fight “global warming” which if it does exist, is almost certainly beyond the influence of even the “Anointed One.”  Another trillion dollars of money we don’t have will be spent dramatically diminishing the quality of healthcare for a large majority of Americans so we can provide insurance for a small minority of Americans who could be helped in other less expensive ways.  Guantanamo Bay terror detention facility is being closed with no plan for relocating the terrorists whom our “historic” president has ordered can only be interrogated gently.



It gets even worse.  We are scrapping our missile defense plans as Russia invades Georgia, Iran develops nuclear weapons and North Korea fires one missile after another toward Hawaii and Alaska.  Our “historic” president is siding with dictators all over Latin America (and murderous mullahs in Iran) and offering the Russians an arms control deal which slashes our weapons levels to dangerously low numbers in exchange for Russian willingness to retire weapons they don’t have the money to maintain anyway.  And by the way, the Russians cheat on arms reduction agreements whose terms we scrupulously observe.  And if that weren’t enough, our “historic” president is expanding embryo killing for stem cell harvesting and increasing abortion funding while he argues his true objective is to reduce abortion rate.  Can you imagine feminists agreeing to programs which reduce the rape rate instead of outlawing rape?


All of this insanity is normalizing violence against the most defenseless among us, weakening the most potent national security apparatus in the world, wrecking the most dynamic economy in the world and destroying the highest quality healthcare system in the world.  The “historic” president who says our Bible doesn’t mean what it says also argues that our Constitution doesn’t mean what it says.  And who is pushing back?  CBR is pushing back and we aren’t about to stop.

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