I changed my mind to keep my baby.

35-year-old female / Seoul, Korea / September 13, 2012

Strengthened opposition to abortion.

41-year-old male / Pegram, TN / September 7, 2012

This website shows the evidence that proves abortion is an act of violence that kills a child. Seeing the reality of abortion convicted me to do full-time pro-life work.

21-year-old female / Canada / September 5, 2012

It has helped to not be complacent.

27-year-old female / Dublin / September 5, 2012

Deepened convictions, strengthened testimony:  I need stats on women who have been raped and regret abortion.  Need to dismantle lie that it is compassionate to "let" raped women get an abortion.  If you have any input, please email me?  Thank you!

52-year-old female / PSL, FL / August 21, 2012

Its unbearable to watch! I feel anxious to do something about this!

44-year-old female / Indianapolis, IN / August 3, 2012

This web site, and the anti abortion protesters outside of a burlington vt planned parent hood really opened my eyes!!!! a few months ago i had gone to a clinic on the way in i was met at the door by these protesters and they gave me a card...this card i will never forget. i still have it and always will!!! because of them being there that day i DIDNT  go threw with the abortion, and im so very glad everyday that i didnt. these ppl saved my baby and i just want everyone to know keep up the fight!! when ppl have the reality of what they are doing shoved in there faces im sure alot more ppl will chance there minds!! just wanted to say thank you! today i am 6 months prego and very excited about this baby :)

26 / Bradford, VT / July 31, 2012

I have had an abortion in 2008. By Gods grace I have given birth to a son last year. and I really wish I had seen this video before I have aborted my first baby.

28-year-old female / Germany / July 9, 2012

By watching the videos and reading what other people think and how they feel it has made my descion even more clear that I should never support abortion under no curcumstance I could never abuse the precious gift of life. I could never just discard another beings life because i made a mistake. Simply put life should never be taken it is a gift from God and no one has the power to take it or discard it.

18-year-old female / Chicago, Il / July 6, 2012

I am in disbelief I wish I saw this video six years ago. I am 25years old and had no idea this is what happens in the "abortion world". Disturbing yet very heart breaking and real. Thank you

25-year-old female / Los Angeles, CA / June 12, 2012