I would always say that if I ever got raped I would get an abortion, but after I saw the pictures I realized it's the the unborn childs fault so they shouldn't deserve to die. I would give the child up for adoption before I ever think about getting an abortion.

17-year-old female / Fall River, MS / April 16, 2006

My boyfriend says that he wants me to get an abortion if I ever become pregnant before I finish high school and although my religion tells me its wrong I almost considered it but now after seeing those pictures I could never go through with it.

15-year-old female / Cape Coral, FL / April 15, 2006

I absolutely cried my heart out when I saw these pictures. I'm 14 years old. I have a son. He'll be 1 month on the 18th of May. Many people pressured me [to] have an abortion, and I almost listened... this website has totally opened my eyes. I never knew that's what they did to the babies that were inside you. I never knew that they harmed them like that. Never again in my life will I EVER think about aborting anuther baby and if I hear a frend or family member talking about getting an abortion I'm gonna show them this site because abortion HAS to stop now!!

14-year-old female / Camden, NJ / April 13, 2006


18 / West Haverstraw, NY / April 12, 2006

I am 7 weeks pregnant, my boyfriend of a year and his family are pushing me to get an abortion and have given me money to go and do it, now after seeing and reading all this I'm not goin to do it, I'm keepin my baby.

18 / England / March 29, 2006

I used to be a diehard pro-choicer. I ran fundraisers for numerous pro-choice organisations. I never really researched any of the claims of the pro-life community because I just thought like everyone else, that it's just a bunch of tissue until about 4 or 5 months. Being very ambitious, I swore that I would get an abortion if I ever got pregnant. Nothing was going to keep me from attaining my goals and dreams. Well, now that I am living in Asia, I have seen the tragedy of abortion and stem-cell research... I cried all weekend, several weeks ago, after I saw the videos on the site and at abort73.com. You must know that I was very involved in the abortion industry and did most of my dissertations around abortion and pro-choice issues for my degree in Political Science and Women's Studies. But those days are over. I will now use my international affairs talents to help save lives and bring enrichment to everyone around the world. I am adopted, so I am glad there were people around to help my birthmum not to get rid of me. I love my life, despite the many trials I have had to go through. I realise now that we shouldn't judge the life of a person, just because they are born to unfortunate circumstances... Thank-you for this website. You sure changed my mind.

26-year-old female / South Korea / February 19, 2006

I always thought that abortion was a right. I am very pro-choice, and I never thought that abortion was so horrific. I always thought the baby wasn't formed yet and that it wassn't alive but I've found through this website that they are very much alive and formed. It is horrible that mothers can do this to their children and know what they're doing. Just because the baby is inside of someone doesn't mean it doesn't have the right to live. If you made the mistake of getting pregnant take responsibility for your actions. No one should die because of someones lack of responsibility, especially a defensless baby.

16-year-old female / Lakeland, FL / February 16, 2006

I have always been against abortion. Recently I became pregnant. I am terrified as to what this means for my family financially. I decided that abortion would be the best option for my family at this time. Then I looked at this site. It has changed my mind and made me very ashamed for ever considering murder as one of my choices. I would NEVER do this to my child!

30 / Denver, CO / February 6, 2006

I am currently 7 weeks pregnant and was thinking about getting an abortion due to my age and what my family might think, but after looking at this web site, I think I might have changed my mind.

17 / Corona, NY / January 26, 2006

I'm a 22 yr old single mom of two girls. I'm pregnant again and the father has already left. I was considering abortion just so I could make it go away, I guess. The pictures in the web site look no different than my two little ones, except they're smaller. I can't do it.

22 / Mobile, AL / January 25, 2006