The Anger and Despair of a Post-Abortive British Teen

Dear Andrew (our U.K. regional director),


This little Brit teenager (see web survey below) has just seen the abortion video on our website and is devastated.  has obviously had an abortion over which she feels excruciating guilt. We have just diminished her ability to manage that guilt by rationalizing her “choice.” She says she had “a reason” for her abortion which makes the termination other than “monstrous.” That is an odd word choice unless she now feels like a monster. She says if we weren’t “idiots” who have never been pregnant we might understand her plight. She doesn’t realize that we know many women who have killed the babies they conceived in unplanned pregnancies and they bitterly regret it. She is careful, however, to not state her compelling “reason” for killing her child. She knows full well that her “reason” won’t stand against the horror of our abortion video. She can only justify what she has done if she can dismiss that video as depicting an abortion which wasn’t “legal.” If our video depicts her abortion, she is without defense and she as much as admits this. But if the video abortion wasn’t “legal,” why does she admit that it makes her “feel bad” by demanding that we “stop making people feel bad?” Since she leaves no email address, we can only pray for her but she represents the target audience for our signs, which you are showing all over England. When people try to stop you, remember this sad, little girl. I know I will.


Lord bless,



Gregg Cunningham



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Sent: Sunday, July 19, 2009 4:49 PM

From:  CBR Web Surveys

To: CBR Web Surveys Group



Sex: female Age: 16

Hometown: london

Return Email: fuckyou@hotmail.youmum


1) Do you support legal abortion or oppose legal abortion? Support Legal Abortion


2) Has this website influenced your thinking concerning abortion? “no”

– If so, how? It has not i just want to say that you people make me sick. It is womens right to her body you pricks and if she chooses to have an abortion it is for a reason. It is not monsterous . Try being in a pregnant situation yourself you idiots. Stop trying to make people feel bad. That video was obviously not a legal abortion.


3) Had you ever seen abortion images before? “no”

– If so, where?


4) How much thought have you given to abortion? “moderate”


5) How much time have you spent at this website? “0-10″


6) How did you find this website? A answer from yahoo

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