Things to Know When Hosting a Pro-life Fundraising Presentation

Thanks Eric.  We really need your help.  The operating concept for CBR fundraising coffees is not complicated but it is about as much fun as a trip to the dentist.  Almost no one wants to talk about abortion, much less drag their friends into a fundraising presentation on the subject.  So it is unpleasant for us to have to ask you to get your friends together for such a meeting, it will be unpleasant for you to have to invite them, and it will be unpleasant for them to be invited, whether they accept or decline — or accept and then just don’t show up.

Without the regular financial support of pro-life Christians, there can be no sustained opposition to abortion. Most pro-life Christians want to be left alone about this difficult subject and many think that doing something about it is someone else’s responsibility.  So even if your friends say they will attend, they need a lot of urging before they will make a commitment and actually honor it.

We have one of the very few churches in the country whose pastor really pushes the subject so we are heavily dependent on CCMV’s members to support our work.  At least the friends you invite from the church are unlikely to be hostile to your call.

If you set a date and time (Sunday afternoons and Friday evenings work well) we will help you organize the event, although it is as simple as cookies and coffee in a room in which we can set up a projector and screen.

If Alan co-sponsors the event in your home, at least he has seen it before and can attest to the fact that even people who don’t end up supporting our work financially will find it to be informative and therefore, time well spent.

Lord bless,

Gregg Cunningham
The Center For Bio-Ethical Reform
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