Tories Quizzed on DIY Abortion outside Conference

We exposed DIY home abortion to members of the Conservative Party during their annual conference in Manchester. A fantastic team of educators joined us for the two days, coming from Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Sheffield, London and Durham.

After 15 hours of Public Education Displays, we saw many minds changed and an encouraging number of party members being visibly uncomfortable with home abortions. Christian Hacking, our Parliamentary Liaison Officer, spoke with eight MPs, including the former Housing Minister Robert Jenrick. Their conversation highlights why our efforts are so necessary: the former minister was unaware that since December 2018, 248,000 babies had been killed in homes and disposed of either down the toilet or into domestic waste. We were encouraged to hear that at least two party members spoke personally with Sajid Javid, the Health Secretary, about home abortions, and many more said they would do likewise.

Tories quizzed on DIY abortion

Christian Hacking reflects on our significant impact outside the conference:

“With many groups competing for the attention of policy makers, with chants, drums, slogans and some regrettably engaging in borderline harassment, I grew ever more confident over the day that the peaceful uncovering of abortion with banners by dedicated, well trained educators, remains one of the best ways to challenge society’s thinking on abortion. While the media did their best to ignore us, conference delegates could not! One NGO lobbyist leaving the conference even took a moment to tell me how effective our banners were.”

Watch the video to see the highlights of the campaign.

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