What To Tell A Five-Year-Old Who Sees An Abortion Picture

Dear Mr. Pettiford,


Tell your five-year-old daughter what I told mine when she first saw an aborted baby photo:  Tell her that some parents do very bad things to their children but that she has been blessed with parents who love her and will always protect her.  Tell her that what she saw happened to a baby before the baby was born.  Tell her that it never happens to children who are already born so she has nothing to fear from this bad thing.  Tell her that violence is almost never the best solution to life’s problems and that love is always better than selfishness.  If she asks why parents would do such a terrible thing, tell her that the answer is selfishness.  She understands selfishness because you frequently warn her against it.  If she asks what you and your wife are doing to protect other people’s children from abortion, I hope you have an answer which will set the right example for her.

If she remains upset, I hope you will derive comfort from the certain knowledge that the lives of other children were saved today by the same airplane which upset your daughter.  Had we not flown our plane today, these children would have been killed.  Think about that.  If you still believe allowing a born child to be upset is a greater evil than allowing an unborn child to be killed, we will pray for your soul.

As for our planes over middle schools, please don’t call yourself a “pro-life supporter” if you think middle school students shouldn’t be shown the truth about abortion.  I can assure you they aren’t getting that truth from their teachers or pastors or parents as a rule.  Children as young as nine-years-of-age are getting abortions today and they are getting them behind their parents backs.  The officials at that middle school can take a child straight to an abortion clinic without parental notice or consent.  I am a lawyer but don’t take my word for this.  Ask your own lawyer.

Get used to these pictures because you are going to be seeing a lot more of them.  We will be displaying them outside churches whose members are “pro-life supporters” who are doing little or nothing to stop abortion.  These are the kinds of Christians who want the horror of abortion covered up so they aren’t bothered by the slaughter.  The problem is that we have given cities like Knoxville a pass on abortion for far too long.  We aren’t going to just focus our efforts on people who support abortion.  They are largely lost souls who have placed themselves beyond reach of reason.  We will, instead, be focusing on the people in the middle who don’t understand how bad abortion actually is. We will also concentrate on people who oppose abortion attitudinally but not behaviorally.  We can’t stop abortion by ourselves but we do have the power to make sure it is no longer swept under the rug.

I will be praying that you will become as eager to stop Planned Parenthood as you are to stop us.

Warmest regards,

Gregg Cunningham


From: ped08@comcast.net [mailto:ped08@comcast.net]
Sent: Wednesday, August 26, 2009 6:58 PM
To: Gregg Cunningham
Subject: Shocking


I just wanted to let you know how absolutely disgusting your ads are. I was driving down the road today and saw one of your banners being pulled behind an airplane. Thought it was a little rash and then go a phone call from my wife explaining that my 5 year old daughter had also seen the ad a couple minutes after I did when your plane flew over my house. This is rather upsetting to me. How do you explain to a 5 year old exactly what she is seeing? I am a pro-life supporter and I could only imagine what an aborted fetus looked like. Now I know by seeing that banner fly right over me while driving. I have viewed your site and have seen some of the ads that you run and have noticed that you guys spend most of your time at college campuses. But I think it is rather extreme for a plane to fly over my house which is in a nice country town right outside of Knoxville, TN boasting one of your disgusting ads. If you want to spread your words and photos with other adults that is more than okay, seeing as this is a free country. When my 5 year old is affected by your ad then you have gone too far. I will do all that I can to make sure that ads like yours are where they belong, for mature adults not for our children. I do not think that your organization has thoroughly thought through the actions that ads like these can have on young children. I was told by a handful of 13 year old kids that this same plane has flown over their middle schools the last couple of days. Is this really necessary? I think that education is the key to our youth, not scare tactics or shocking photos. I will admit that abortion has to be a gruesome and vile act but at the same time it is for mature audiences and mature audiences only.

Warmest regards,

Craig Pettiford

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