Your child’s life is worth some slowing down

This post is an edited version of a letter that I recently sent to a woman considering aborting her baby and in need of help.  I wanted to share it with you because we know that this woman is not alone and this letter could be helpful to others as well.  Names have been changed to protect the privacy of this individual. Please pray for her and the countless others whose child’s life weighs in the balance.

From: Lois Cunningham
Sent: Thursday, April 23, 2009 11:19 PM

To:  Michelle

Subject: Your child’s life is worth some slowing down

Dean Michelle,

Thank you for visiting and taking time to complete our survey.   I wanted to check on you and see how you are doing and what you are thinking now regarding having your baby since you wrote “I feel like I am forced to get and abortion because its by somebody that it shouldn’t be. I’m homeless and broke and struggling to stay in school. My family has caused me alot of pain and stress and I’m feeling very alone. I feel like a child would slow me down right now.”

I  want you to know I am praying for you and would like to help you.  It is worth taking time to carefully think through your decision.  Your child’s life is worth being “slowed down.”  No matter who the father is, this child is your flesh and blood and he deserves the right to live.  He wants to be born.

Please realize that no woman, including yourself, should ever feel “forced to get an abortion.”  There are always better choices.  Don’t believe that lie of being forced by people or your circumstances to abort your baby.

You have now seen the shocking images of abortion on our website.  That is the reality of abortion.  I hope you realize that abortion is not a good option for you or your precious child.

I think it will encourage you to learn of the rapid development of your baby. By 3 weeks, your baby already has a heartbeat.  Many women do not realize the rapid growth of the child in utero.  Brain waves are measurable by 6 weeks.  Between 7-8 weeks, doctors can begin to see via ultrasound if a child is right or left-handed!  By 8 weeks gestation, your child has all his body systems.  For the duration of pregnancy, he will just increase in size and the organs will develop to their full function level.  There are beautiful video images of babies developing in the womb, such as 4-D ultrasound.   Look at this footage of babies in the womb.  This is what your child looks like at 10-12 weeks!  This amazing website takes you through the stages of the baby’s growth throughout pregnancy.  You can really enjoy seeing the beauty of God creating your baby.

Do you have any people in your life who will support you in a decision to carry to term?  That is so important, so I hope you will look for those people in your circle of friends, even if your family will not help you.   Is the baby’s father involved in your life?

I am a registered nurse who formerly directed a free clinic for women in Los Angeles County where we helped thousands of women who were facing unwanted or crisis pregnancies.  There are kind women there who would like to help you.

At a pregnancy help clinic or pregnancy resource center, you can find support and referrals for assistance you might need.  At this link, you can find a local center or clinic to provide you with free and confidential help now and even after you give birth. Some even provide free ultrasounds.   You can also try this link: .   In many cases, they can help you locate housing.

Adoption is an option that is worth considering if you do not have support from your family.  Adoption is a difficult but loving and life-affirming choice for some women.  You can choose an adoptive family to raise your baby that meets your desires for a good family.  You can have contact with them after you give birth and place the child in their family.  That often takes the form of photos and updates. If you decide to research the adoption option, here are some helpful websites: , .  Click on the “Pregnant?” links for more information. I am the adoptive mother of three sweet little girls, so I can also answer adoption questions from my own family experience as well as from counseling women about it over the years.

Lastly, I want to encourage you that the absolute best thing you can do for yourself and your child is to be in a right relationship with God. You mentioned your childhood church showed abortion photos. Perhaps, then, it was a Christian church where you were taught the Bible.   If you put God first in your life, everything will fit together for good.

God may have brought you this child to bless you and give you a fresh start.  That has happened when many other women were faced with unexpected pregnancies.  They ultimately realized that child was a blessing, just as God says that they are.   If you choose adoption, you will have the joy then of blessing a family who perhaps could not have biological children.  If you decide to raise your baby, God will help you be a great mom and He will provide for your needs.  I don’t know where you are coming from spiritually at this point in your life, but I urge you to read Bible to learn how much God loves you. His Son Jesus said, “I came that they might have life and have it abundantly.” (John 10:10)  He wants the best for you.  He will comfort you and let you know you are not alone.

Please write me back and tell me how you are doing.  Feel free to ask me questions.  Let me know if I may send you some materials to encourage you and helpful material about God.


Lois Cunningham

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