YouTube Hypocrisy

There is a heavy blindedness that infuses itself unto our world which diverts many from accepting whatever God in His scripture says is “holy”, or set apart.  This same demonic influence has led a great number of people to highly doubt whatever God explains as being right, as the world’s trend these days has increasingly been to hail the idea of “relativism”.  Those who espouse this theory basically believe that all virtue is relative to the contemplator of it,  giving that person the right to choose whatever his conscience deems to be acceptable in that moment.


How anyone can believe that rhetoric such as “relativism” can lead to a peaceable and flourishing society is beyond me:  How can the world dream one resolve to be right in one situation, and yet in another, where circumstances are equivalent to the first’s, the world can say that the second resolve is wrong simply because the person or people involved in the second situation object to the acceptability of the said circumstances?


While YouTube does not have any issue displaying images which are considered by some to  be morally depraving due to for example, the inappropriate and perverted way they may portray sexuality, this organization does dream it acceptable to remove a video, which in my opinion as well as in those of many others, is displaying heart wrenching footage about a baby in the womb undergoing an abortion process.


Though the Creator of our universe sees the baby in the womb as precious and worthy of all protection, by opposing the display of Laura Welch’s testimony in “Test3”, YouTube seems to communicate that it cares more about pleasing the greater majority of its audience than it does about protecting the baby in the womb from murder by mutation.  Caroline Ourfalian


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